Thursday, January 19, 2012

Abundance Found: Eight

I thought I would dust off the "Abundance Found" category and get one put up, as it has been a while. So here is another round of random and fun finds on the K-blogosphere that are buried in the past of expat blogs.

1. Bobster's House: Have you ever considered what an beverage from North Korea might taste like? Well step no further as here is a review of such a thing. Quite a funny story and a good read.

2. The Constant Crafter: A great blog featuring the array of crafts one can make and find in Korea. Here we see her going to the Gwangjang Market for craft supplies but also gets a sight of interesting foods. Check it out!

3. Bathhouse Ballads: Have you ever heard of "vacation fashions"? Neither have I, but after reading this post I come to understand a certain phenomena in Korea. Apparently, perms can be discounted over vacation time and students like to take advantage. Definitely a wacky post worth reading. (Along with their hair...nails are also an essential make-over.)

4. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat: Kimbop is practically a staple food in this country. You can get it cheap and when you are really hungry and on your way somewhere, it makes for a quick and easy bite. Every neighborhood has several kimbop places. After a while you tend to learn which one is your favorite. This is true for our students, and in this post we get to hear about how she learned of a good kimbop place.

Anything you read recently on the K-blogosphere that caught your attention? Do share ~

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Abundance Go's: Sokcho

As you start to carve out your life in South Korea you begin to explore areas outside of your metropolitan city (example Seoul). You might find yourself at the beaches of Busan or at a historical site in Gyeongju. Well today I will show you folks who have explored Sokcho. Here you can visit the beach, but in the winter see some great snow and also a famous water spa is located in this place. Let's see what other people have done in Sokcho.

1. Kiwi Wonju Blogger: Not exactly at the shores of Sokcho, but nearby is the infamous Seoraksan mountain. A very large mountain that will challenge the best of climbers. Here you can get a glimpse of what that was like.

2. The Qi Ranger Adventures: He always has something up his sleeve and here we get quite an interesting report on Sokcho. Who would have thought that the ferries of Sokcho would have been interesting.

3. The Harrington Times: Another post featuring mostly Seoraksan, but at the end some good pics of beach fun.

4. I Got Seoul: Take a look at this lively post of a good time spent in Sokcho. It actually inspires me to return there and do some exploring!

Have you been to Sokcho? Perhaps you would like to share something special you experienced there. I for one enjoyed just seeing the ocean (or sea)... :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aundance Yum!: Side Dishes (banchan)

You come to learn the different types of side dishes at Korean meals, while living here. There are ones you love and hate. Then there are those you just aren't ever sure about. Today I am taking you into the area of side dishes for Abundance Yum! I hope this helps you see the variety that are out there and maybe gives you an idea of what to try next time.

1. The Seoul Patch: First, I take you to a good post that can give you a general idea of how banchan appears at the meal. Many little dishes with varying pickled or steamed things. Check the post for good pics and also a show of other various Korean food.

2. Zen Kimchi: Coming from the power blogger himself is an article highlighting his 10 favorite banchan. As you scroll down things are looking good, but I'm not a fan of the marinated squid or crab. However, this gives a great breadth of the variety and also what makes them so yummy.

3. Alien's Day Out: Looking to make some at home? Here we have a kidney bean recipe that indeed turns out to look quite tasty.

4. "Wife" in Korea: Again another recipe, but this time using anchovies. I'm not a fan of this kind of banchan. But perhaps you have wondered how the little fishes turn into a side dish.

My favorite side dishes are the cucumber pickles or ones made from potatoes. It all depends on the restaurant and what is in season, I guess. Have any comments on what your favorite banchan is?