Saturday, July 16, 2011

Abundance Go's: Summer Destinations

If you are like me and a teacher here in Korea, than you are bound to have some time off during the summer. Either it be a week or a month you know you want to get away from your area and see someplace new. For some people going back home and relaxing in these comforts is their destination. For other's they seek out new places in Korea or go beyond the border. Today we will explore places other folks have been to during their summer vacation and see just how endless the possibilities are.

1. Coco Busan: In this ticklish title called, "Time Travel on Route 97: Jeju" you can tell you are in for a treat. Exploring new possibilities on your vacation is a great idea to enjoy your time off. When you are somewhere new it is often a good idea to take the advice of someone and go in a different direction. In her post you can see just a few wonders of her trip.

2. Xweing away in Korea: Sometimes for a few of us just hitting the beaches isn't enough. When you are traveling it also a good idea to get in some of the cultural sites to see. Here she took a trip to Gyeongju where you can definitely see some great historical artifacts.

3. Kiwi Wonju Blogger: He took a trip to Japan where he made a hike on Mt. Fuji. A part of his series while in Japan last year you can see some great photos and read even better stories.

4. The Harrington Times: Maybe getting out and exploring South Asia is one of the better options. Either you go in the winter to warm up or go in the summer to just enjoy the beaches. Here on their post they show some eats and highlights from their visit to Chiang Mai.

Wherever you are going on your summer vacation this year I wish you safe travels and a fun time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Abundance Found: Fivvee

It's another go around the Korean blogosphere. What crazy and wacky stuff will we find this time on Abundance Found? Let's see...

In this post they talk about this recent siting on a bus, that is questionably offensive. Certainly the imagery is eye catching but the after thought is a bit disturbing. Will Korean people equate this person with all westerners? Is that something really to worry about?

 I got to this post by clicking on the category "bird watching" on their blog. Certainly, you might be surprised to know that you can do some kind of animal watching in this country that is rolled over with cement. These guys write well on traveling and also just the nuances in Korea, like the wildlife. Check out the post for more details and lovely pictures.

3. SoKo:
Since this blogger only posted a picture and no words I am just giving you a hint of what you will see when you click on the blog's name. Hint: It's very shiny.

It's a part of life here, that is seeing in the distance the glowing neon of love hotels. My first place I lived at was very close to these and I enjoyed watching in the morning couples leaving and going their separate ways. Check the post for a fun opinion on the site of such "motels".

Another Abundance Found comes to a wrap...I wonder what we will discover next time?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Abundance Thinks: North Korea

It comes with the territory if you are en expat in Korea. That is living close to North Korea and even closer to the history and turmoil that people of both sides have faced. However, life trucks on in South Korea as if the North doesn't even exist. You hardly ever hear about it from colleagues at work, and usually it is just political news that carries on in the background.

Now and then, though the North and South will have a big clash and family back home get worried and call upon you to reassure them you are okay. Also, many bloggers use their writing forum to get out their worries or express to other people just how safe we are. Today's post is to show a few listings of folks who have written about North Korea and their experience with it.

1. I'm No Picasso: We'll start of with her blog as she can give great insight into this matter. Her post mainly touches on the shellings that occurred last year and how we can make sense of it all.
You have to understand --- this shit has been going on forever. And Koreans aren't really into airing their dirty laundry amongst foreigners, either.
Check the post for some very insightful thoughts.

2. Shotgun Korea: Speaking of the shelling incident this blogger team exposed how they were reacting to the situation. You can tell they weren't too worried, especially in the line...
The thing is, no one here (just on the street etc.) is freaking out, people are acting like nothing has happened, and as long as they’re doing that, we’re going to do it too.
This is exactly how I measure my proper reaction when such events occur. If South Korean folks aren't running around like crazy, than why should I?

3. 아름답다, ah-lum-dahp-dah:For some just being the observer is not enough, and getting involved is the drive. You can have the opportunity to teach North Koreans English here in the South and she got just the chance, and expressed her excitement...

I never imagined I'd ever get the opportunity to meet a North Korean, never mind teach them English! It would be stupid for me to pass something like this up.
Check the post out more for details and interesting views of this kind of work.

Whether you have been to the DMZ or had a long conversation about North Korea, the topic does come up and we all have to figure it out someday. Certainly, there are times when I think about how developed it is out here and there are people young and old with gadgets in their hands, and how up there people are living much-much differently. It reminds me of how grateful I am for my Korean life.