Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abundance Works: Winter Camp

Oh how exciting is this time of year? You get off from work, the kids are out of school....oh...oh what's that? I see you have to teach Winter camp for 2 or 3 weeks. Well don't fret you'll have lots of fun stuff to do! Oh, they want you to plan it now and it starts next week! Yikes..

So you might be finding yourself in this position or at camp now. For me I've done winter camp so many times I know what to expect and how to drag on that last hour. At my school it's more academic focused with fun stuff thrown in here and there. But I like to spice things up with games and crafts for the kiddos. What I like most about camp is that you get to bond with a small number of students from the school. My advice is to put some care into camp and make it special. Don't just sit at your desk and throw word puzzles or coloring pages at them. It's a time to flex your teaching muscles and test out new activities or games. But maybe you would like some fun ideas for the kids. That's why I made this post so you can see what other's have done and perhaps get some inspiration. (Some are winter and others summer camp.)

1. The View From Over Here: One of the most interesting posts about teaching camp, because it's not your regular classroom. Here she taught Air Force academy students and found it highly rewarding.

2. The Seoul Patch: Back when he was teaching at a high school he put on a camp that involved learning about jokes. I think this makes a great lesson because often times ESL students don't get jokes in English, just I don't often get Korean jokes. So it was nice to see a fun time had with this sort of subject manner.

3. Annie Around the World: In some cases you teach at a camp and don't know what your subject is till you get there. You also don't know what equipment you will have in the classroom. Imagine teaching without a computer!? I'm sure it can be done and I'm not always at my computer in class, but it really helps a lot. Check out her post with plenty of info on how she got through it.

4. My Life! Teaching at a Korean University: Even University teachers teach a kids class now and then. Here she offers some fun games for the kiddos.

5. A Search for Happiness: For most folks camp is the time before your winter vacation, so you do end up thinking about all the fun you will have after the kids go. Although she does offer some tips for camp in this post.

6. A Geek in Korea: A veteran of the teaching community you can get a sense for how to plan for camp in this post and some ideas of what to do.

7. Korea-Diva: Need some actual lesson plans, well here you go!

8. The Harrington Times: A camp with mostly activities in it, but some that can you give ideas. A great way to see how camp can be fun and full of good times.

I hope those links give you enough information to help you through your camp. One tip I might give you is to bring something warm to wear, as some schools might not turn on the heat! Also have a management system of rewards and punishments ready to go. Outline your class rules before getting started and reassure all the students they will have fun. Remember, this is their time off too that they have to be in school. So get them involved and loving it!