Monday, October 31, 2011

Abundance Found: 7

What is lurking out there amongst the Kblogosphere that could be both random and amusing? Let's take another spin around and find out!

1. Bobster's House: Looking for something traditional and that you can eat? Here I found a post about a dish that involves duck and spices. I have had roasted duck in Korea, and found it to be very yummy, but never had duck soup. Check the post out to learn a thing or two.

2. Wet Casements: Maybe it comes with living in an urban setting, but you begin to get use to that walls become places for markings. These markings can be the usual graffiti scrawl, but nowadays they tend to lean in an artistic direction. On this post were some colorful walls that happen to be in Daegu.

3. Elyse Marie: Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself. Here she took herself on a date. If you haven't been to her blog it is full of great photography. This whimsical post will surely brighten your day.

I leave you here with those random finds to ponder over. By the way, if there is a KBlog you read that gets your noodle wet, then please do share!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Abundance Go's: Fall Colors, Oh My!

It's exciting seeing the trees go from green to yellow, orange or red. This time of year also reminds you to get ready for winter and that cold months area ahead. But for some reason the sun shining down on a colored tree is always pleasant. Today we look at some blogs who posted about this phenomena.

1. Ahlumdahpda: Mostly just some great photos, but of course that is welcomed.

2. Mountain and Field: Here you can explicitly see how time changes with the seasons.

3. Ajumma's Journal: Wondering where to go this year? Well check out the post for some great details on the hot spots to check out Fall foliage.

Have you already been out and seen the colors change? If so link us to your pics or blog. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Abundance Works: Notes from Students

As a teacher in South Korea getting notes from you students is often fun and charming. Other times just noticing what they wrote or produced on worksheets can also be quite amusing. It's not that their English is poor, rather it is the way their creativity goes. In this new addition of a topic I am calling, "Abundance Works" we take a look at notes or other creative pencil creations from students.

1. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat: In some extra class she was teaching her students sent signals of wanting to go, via handmade signs. The humor is there but the reality is also prevalent.

2. Coco in Busan: Sometimes kids creativity is very amusing and here her students made up a drawing of love.  It points to how even the youngest of children can have feelings for each other.

3. Plate Full of Onions: One of the best day's to get Teacher's notes is on Teacher's Day. Usually they are cute and hand-made. Here she displays some of her treasures from this occasion.

4. The Seoul Patch: You don't always have to see the creative stuff from the youngsters. Here his teenage group went to town on creating apps for an iPhone worksheet. The results were amusing.

As always teaching in Korea brings us lots of happy times and fond memories. These kinds of notes and creative responses help us remember why we are here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Abundance Yum!: Something South of the Border

Today I am taking you away from the kimchi and gochujang to the wonderful world of tacos and hot sauce. I am talking about Mexican or Mexican-inspired food found in Korea. For most folks who have a craving for Mexican food, and live in Korea, they know that there isn't some place to go next door. (Unless you are lucky) Instead you have to travel to Hongdae or Itaewon to find something up that alley. Here we take a look at folks who have found something Mexican-like here in the land of water-kimchi.

1. The Seoul Patch: It was big news when Taco Bell finally came to town a while back. And so many Kbloggers picked up their Tcards and headed for some American-Mexican food. I myself have enjoyed a few items from here, but definitely miss the whole menu.

2. A Search for Happiness: Then sometimes you think you are getting something Mexican inspired, but it seems the inspiration is lacking. Some place called, "The Holy Grail" didn't quite live up to expectations.

3. Kiss My Kimchi: A location in Gangnam, where Mexican food places are starting to pick up one can find a place called, "The Tacos." Certainly a clear message with the name of the restaurant. Did it win over the taste buds of this writer? Well go check the link and find out.

The Weird
The complete name is The Tacos Uncle 29 Mexican Grill… Just who is this Uncle 29?

4. Zen Kimchi: If you just don't feel like trekking the distance than try a popular fusion food of Korean tacos. Here the writer Tammy gives us a yummy recipe to try out.

I hope that got you hungry as I certainly now have a craving for something wrapped in a tortilla!