Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abundance Yum!: Korean Snack Food

You can find a convenience store on nearly every corner here in Seoul. Like most quick-stop places they offer bottled drinks, candy and of course snacks. As a new comer to this land you stare at the shelf and wonder what would be best to try. If you adventurous you'll try the one with the image of an octopus or shrimp on it. But if you are a bit timid you'll go with the usual potato chips or cookies. Today we are going to look at Korean snacks bloggers have blabbed about and see how they fare.

1. The Korea Blog: Let's start of with a list of popular choices. Shrimp chips seem to taste yummy to folks out there.

2. Zen Kimchi: Then there are the array of ice-creams one could choose from during those hot summer days. How about a peachy flavored one? I for one have tried and find it delightful.

3. The Seoul Patch: Korea has their own version of onion rings in snack form. I think I have tried these before and found them too salty. Who cares, when they come as a bonus?

4. Paul Ajosshi: Sometimes you can be handed random snacks from friends and colleagues. Here he was given a delicious treat from Jeju. 

Have any favorite snacks stacked up in your house? Let us know ~


  1. Hi Joy!! I have been reviewing Korean snacks over on my blog as well http://cuteinkorea.com/category/treats/ have to say my faves are all ice creams currently! Korea has so many fun kinds :D

  2. I wanted to put you up in this post, but was doing too much multi-tasking. I'll have to find another post to put you in...hehe

  3. Hi there.

    I also made a snack list


    Also, I have moved my site. Can you update your blog list please?