Friday, March 30, 2012

Abundance Found: Nine

Spring is popping it's beautiful head out so why not take another spin around the Kblogosphere? Let's see what we come up with this time...

1. Cute in Korea: A blog dedicated to the cute side of Korea, but often has so much more. Here she shows us the La Petit Prince display at Lotte Mall. More often than you would like, you run into these often cute and sometimes bizarre displays around the shopping centers in Korea.

2. Grrrl Traveler: This post comes on the very adult side of life. It is about Korean love hotels and Korean porn. So if you've got a hankering to know what this is all about then check it out. Certainly, you might just discover things aren't always what they seem.

4. Daughter of Korea: Now for something a bit lighter...a post about her favorite things..this being reststops in Korea. I for one do enjoy these places as they have their own sense of culture sometimes.

5. Bathhouse Ballads: A fun post about cell phone use in Korea by both Koreans and foreigners. Certainly fun to peruse and check mark where you are guilty in your love of your hand phone.

Another fun round of Abundance Found complete and this time, I think we went all over. Till next time...


  1. Grrrrl Travel looks very interesting:)

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