Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abundance Works: That First Week

It's March here in Korea-land and for many of us that means a new semester of work. Also, for many that means their first day on the job. I recall my first day, four years ago, and it was a completely different experience from what I go through these days. You are not only dealing with learning the ways of your school but culture shock is still rocking your mind as well. Today, I present you some words written by folks who had a memorable first day (or week) at their job. I hope this helps show how important and groundbreaking this day can be.

1. The Seoul Patch: He's written about many first days and I liked this one because it shows how you can run into some surprises. Although, there is nothing you can do about it, that first day might come as a shocker.

"So, okay, maybe I'm not as smart as Einstein after all, but nobody told me I am at an ALL-BOYS SCHOOL! Not that it really matters, I'm just saying that seems to me a feature of a school that you might want to mention."

2. I'm No Picasso: For some seasoned teachers they might experience that first day again when they get to teach a special class or camp. Here she highlights how things can go awry that first day if the school isn't even ready for class. 

"What was that about no electricity, GFBR? Yeah. Me too. Got it switched on and then moved to the new classroom to find — what’s this? — no computer! No powerpoints or photos or games."

3. My Life! Teaching in a Korean University: Here you can get a good idea of what this teacher does on her first day. A simple class indeed!

I hope those posts help you get an idea for what the first day (or week) is like on the job here in Korea. 


  1. I just hope my first day won't be like any of these. :/ If so, well, you live and you learn i say. Korea definitely offers many surprises and new experiences.

  2. Of course everyone's first week could be as sweet as roses. I hope yours wil be! ;)