Friday, September 9, 2011

Abundance Buzz: Chuseok

Chuseok is here! A time when Korean people celebrate their culture and family heritage. For us expat folk it means several things, for one we get time off from work and another an opportunity to experience this aspect of Korean culture. Today I will take you into Kbloggeres experience of Chuseok in the past. I for one had a memorable time when my ex took me to his family gathering in the mountainside.

1. Plate Full of Onions: For these folks the holiday meant gifts and dressing up. The pictures show how colorful this time of year can be with people wearing hanbok.

2. The Harrington Times: Chuseok means vacation to most of us and with that said you can go and do anything. Also this time of year has a lot of festivals, but people like to gather and go places. This blogger went on a hiking trip, which turned out pretty nice.

3. Wonju Wife: Although no longer in Wonju she does bring us a post from the past about a family experience of Chuseok. She visited her husband's Grandma's house in Cheong Sang a place apparently famous for apples. Take a look at the post for some great photos and a good story.

The air is getting cooler and there might be some rain this Chuseok, but whatever you do enjoy this special time in Korea.

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