Saturday, September 17, 2011

Abunance Go's: The Museum

Wherever you live or travel often times you know you find yourself inside a museum. These are a city's place where you can learn and discover more about the local culture or get a sense for contemporary art. Living in Korea there are many museums to choose from and not just in Seoul. Often times you do find yourself at museums that house odd objects. Today's post is to show some bloggers who have ventured into the stone walls of museums around Korea.

1. George Bailey Sees The World: Here we are taken to the "Santorini" museum in Hongdae. It's a museum that mostly has "trompe l’oeil" or trick-eye artworks. Personally I am not a fan of this kind of art, but now and then one does need to have a little fun. Check the post out for some funny photos and a good read.
2. I Got Seoul: It's one of the more infamous museums in Seoul, that is the Chicken Museum. The place houses artworks with the theme of roosters and hens. I suppose if you are a poultry lover or enthusiast this would be the place to be. Seriously though this museum is one of many unique ones to visit in Seoul.

3. A Search for Happiness: Like I mentioned earlier you don't have to always look in Seoul to find a museum. Here you can see that there is one in Busan called, "Busan Museum of Art". Amongst this post are other highlights one could do in Busan, so go take a look!

Even if you have visited most of the museums in Seoul or elsewhere it is wise to go back and take another look. Often times there are special exhibits and temporary ones that spice up the space inside.

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