Sunday, September 25, 2011

Abundance Found: Sixxx

Come with me and let's explore random posts by the many Kbloggers that have contributed to the discovery of wonderful and oddball things in Korea.

1. I Am Saja's Mom: Something you may not know about Korea is that they like to give you bonuses to dining out or shopping. Often times you can find things taped to ramyeon packages and cereal boxes. Here she shows us the bounty of cereal boxes with things strapped to them as a promotion.

2. ElyseMarie: A new blog for me, but full of great content. In this very comical post she showed us an Ahjusshi and Ahjumma party that her and her friend's put on. Having lived in Korea for some time now I couldn't help but cackle at the site. Certainly a great idea to make any week less boring.

3. Jennipal: A post-blogger, but still has lots of great posts to dig through. Here we get a glimpse of something rather odd hanging on the wall of a Korean relative's house. You have to click over there to go see it!

4. Paul Ajosshi: We end our trip down random-road with a stop at Paul's place. I recall this funny post about a cat up in a tree and his funny spin on the whole thing.

Again, I hope you enjoyed this voyage down Abundance Found lane and hope to see you back again sometime!

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