Monday, August 1, 2011

Abundance Yum!: Seafood

Korean cuisine is one that has many varieties, where you can go from a tasty rice dish to a strange configuration of sea creatures. I for one am not a fan of eating seafood, especially if it isn't salmon and not cooked over an open flame with a hint of lemon. When it comes to seafood, in Korea, you can pretty much find about anything. Live octopus, sea squirts and eels are just to name a few. Now and then people try their hand at this out-of-sight food and the results can be surprising. Today I will show you a list of Kbloggers who have tried their hand at seafood dishes in Korea and came out safely on the other end.

1. The View From Over Here: Let's start off with some fresh live fish! On her post she takes us to Jeju Island where she experienced 회 or non-cooked fish. The post is a fun read and also gives you info about stuff to do when in Jeju. It definitely shows you how varied your choices are of seafood here in Korea.

2. Ah-lum-dahp-da: From fish I now take you to the spiky crab. In this post she ventures to Yeongdeok for some very delicious but also expensive crabs. Another good post here and also one that shows you another side of Korea you may not have seen before.

3. Buhay sa Korea: What do you think when I say the word, "fishballs"? Probably not exactly appetizing thoughts. I for one don't like odeng but a lot of other people do. In this post we go into the kitchen and see the author cook up some fish balls. Go check it out to see what it is all about.

4. Shinshine: Lastly I take you to the wonderful world of octopus. You cannot get me to eat one of these guys, and as much as my school likes to hide little bits inside pancakes or soup I still refuse. But there are many people out there who just love to eat up this 8 legged creature. Here you can see a recipe and also maybe learn something?


silken tofu 순두부 (sun du bu)
oyster (gul)
garlic chive 부추 (bu chu)

Maybe the next time your out looking for something to eat perhaps you will be interested in the creatures of the sea for your next dinner. If so do share it with us. :)

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