Saturday, August 13, 2011

Abundance Buzz: Cat or Dog Cafes

Purrrrr! Woof! Woof! Being far from home you know you miss your parents and friends. But you might not expect that you miss those furry pals in your life. With the lack of back or front yards and our houses usually being the size of shoe boxes, having a pet might seem like a bad idea. Although, many folks do have pets in Korea. Yet if you are craving some fur ball love than there are places to go that can help you get your fix. These are called cat or dog cafes, and I believe they got their start in Japan. In fact my first experience at a cat cafe was in Japan, and I was really blown away at how awesome the concept was.

Since my three years in Korea I have seen cat and dog cafes blossom around Seoul and elsewhere. The following are Kblogger's encounters with pet cafes.

1. Eleonora's Life in Korea: In Hongdae you can find the Geo Cat Cafe, which is one of the better known cafes. Here the writer had a good time playing with some cats and enjoying the atmosphere.

2. Seoul Searching: If cat's aren't your thing than maybe you would be interested in a dog cafe. Another Hongdae location and called the "Bau House" here you can pet dogs and play with them, for a small fee of course.

3. Karori to Korea: Perhaps you don't still get the gist of what a cat cafe is like, than why not check out the videos in this post to get a better visualization.

4. Coco in Korea: She takes us to "Hello Cat" in Cheongju where you not just pet pretty kitties but also sip on some yummy drinks. She remarked on how the place smelled clean, which is to show that these places are not really as dirty as we may think.

As for myself I practically live in a cat cafe, except so far the occupancy is just one cat. But I like to get out to these places as it is fun to watch the animals play and do whatever it is they do. (Mostly sleep)

Have you been to a pet cafe? If so do share!


  1. Hey! I love both dog and cat cafes in Korea! I went to the cat cafe in Gangnam and wrote about it here... http://www.onedayillflyaway.com/2011/03/me-ow.html

    Also, the dog cafe "sunnyne" in hongdae is much cleaner than Bau house and the dogs are way more friendly (In my opinion) Everyone has to check out these animal cafes, they are so much fun :) Nice post Joy, as always!

  2. A relative visited not so long ago a cat cafe in Hongdae. Her verdict ?
    - definitely cute : the glass catwalk (you can watch their pawprints from under)
    - definitely not cute : one cat scratching her arm, another peeing on her skirt
    Even though, she enjoyed the experience, overall (NB: an overall may not be such a bad idea)