Monday, August 22, 2011

Abundance Aid: Visiting the Doctor

Whether it happens to you in your first week in Korea or not until your 12th month it is inevitable  that you will get sick living here. This is especially true being a teacher and being around the not-so clean habits of young students. (Not covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough and not washing their hands after a trip to the bathroom.) So it is that you will find yourself at a local doctor's office or hospital visiting someone who you hope speaks English. Today's Abundance Aid post takes you into Kbloggers experience with visiting the doctor in Korea (for various reasons) and the wisdom that they can pass on.

I for one have never had an unpleasant experience at a doctor's office here in Korea, and found both the price and service to be quite satisfactory.

1. Plate Full of Onions: If your nervous about going to the doctor your first time in Korea, well don't be. Here one of the authors had the sniffles and got out just fine. They also highlight one of the interesting things of getting a doctor's visit and that is the pill packs you get. Check out the post to get a better idea.

2. Biz and Steve: Although the two have returned home and finished their journey in Korea their posts are still valuable. When it is cold and flu season in Korea there are some cultural remedies that you can use to thwart getting sick. Here they explore a citrus example to try and stay healthy.

3. Seoul Searching: Here we have a tail of a Kblogger spending some time at a hospital. I actually visited her while she was there and would say that the "normal" accommodations are like being shacked up in a dorm room, but with old-sick people. It seemed pleasant enough with privacy curtains to give a bit of comfort. Take a look at her post to get a more real understanding of what it is like.

4. Karori to Korea: Another set of folks almost on their way out of Korea, but do have a doctor tale to tell. Again we see how it is a simple operation to go to the doctor and get your pills.

5. Kiwi Wonju Blogger: There are times when western medicine isn't so cutting edge, and one would rather try their hand at oriental medicine. Thankfully, Korea is abound with oriental medicine clinics. After having some muscle pain he decided to try his hand at one of these clinics, to find himself having a unique experience including acupuncture and other things. Check it out!

Whether we like it or not someday we will get sick in Korea (knock on wood) and we could try and stick it out, but the best thing is to see a doctor. I hope these posts give you some insight into what it is like in Korea, and also that it isn't such a big deal.


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    i was admitted to hospital when living in my homecountry, malaysia, not korea...

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