Monday, February 28, 2011

Abundance Found: 2

It's time for another round of "Abundance Found". I know there aren't many posts on here, but I will try to keep up.

Found 1:
The blogger "Mental Poo" can keep you amused with office stuff in Korea and also her enjoyable findings. In this post, "Funny Bathroom Stuff From the Weekend" she shows the wonderful life of random bathroom oddball-ness.  Check out the post for more pics and take a look over her blog for more zany stuff.

Found 2:
BredainKorea or "Annyeong!" brings us a sample from her Harry Potter lesson. Students were to draw their own imaginary wizard school. I can see that as being very fun and engaging for the kids. What is also neat about her blog posts is that she includes a little survey so you can get an idea of how effective things really are. 

Found 3:

You might be wondering why you are looking at a bag of oranges. Well on the blog "Seoul Searching" she did a little guessing game where she asked her readers to figure out the price of recent items she bought at the store. It was a great way to point out how fruit in Korea can be pretty expensive. Check out the rest of her blog for interesting reflections on expat life.

Those are the findings for this time. If you saw something out there that caught your attention in the expat blogosphere give us a shout out.