Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Featured KBlogger: Coco in Korea

First off, welcome to my new blog where you can find a list of expats in Korea and also ones who write about specific genres. This blog is a sister to my other one; ForeignerJoy, and is meant to highlight my favorite Kbloggers out there.

I am going to do that today by featuring the KBlogger: Coco in Korea as my first test run.

Coco's blog supplies us with great stories about her life in Korea and what she finds interesting and new.

About Coco In Korea: (her words)
Welcome to  ’Coco In Korea’, my blog about living and teaching English in South Korea. I also blog about my travels around Asia. The purpose of this blog is to offer my insight and views on South Korea; provide anyone interested in traveling/exploring South Korea information on what to do, who to contact, etc; and to keep my friends and family back home informed on what is occurring in my life.

Recent Posts I Like:
  1. Pay In Korea: Coco talks about her paycheck and where the money goes. Great information for newbies and people looking to budget their money.
  2. Worst News Ever: She finds an article in the Korean news that alarms. I'm pretty sure she's not the first one out there to get peeved by Korea media and how they portray foreigners. She definitely hits the nail on the head with this observation.
  3. Cranberry Sauce: Missing home is a prime element of expat life, especially when you miss the food. She highlights here a certain product she is craving. What is better is that she brought some in for her students and taught them some great cultural information.
I recommend you get to know Coco in Korea through her blog and give her a nice, "Hello!".


  1. Thank you for the feature! ~ Coco In Korea

  2. love both your blogs:) Keep it comin


  3. You are welcome! Added your blog ~