Friday, February 11, 2011

Abundance Yum!: Tteokmandu-guk

Some of you might recall that at the beginning of this month you had a week or several days off from work. That was because Korea celebrated Seollal or the Lunar New Year. One of the major traditions for this is eating the soup called tteokmandu-guk or mandu rice cake soup. Although I haven't had my share of it yet, since I am still out here in America I plan to get a fresh bowl when I return. In the meantime, we can enjoy what other bloggers have to say about their experience of this yummy and satisfying soup.
source: Seoul Eats

Yummy Explorations:
  • Biz & Steve in Korea: They got to their new year's soup a bit early by having some with their coteachers. Check it out here.
  • Buhay sa Korea: A working mom and wife to a Korean living in Seoul she has a great post up about her New Year's soup. Check out her post, "The Joys of Seollal" where she not only has a picture of it, but also describes other general festivities that occur during this time of the year.
  • Seoul Eats: If those two posts have you interested in the soup then why not join Dan and make some of your own. Looks like there are a few more classes left by checking out this post.
  • Alien's Day Out: If going meat-free is your thing than check out a vegetarian version of this dish, which was homemade at her post, "Home-grown & Home made". Generally speaking, I would explore her blog as she gives a great positive outlook on living as a vegan in Seoul.
I'm hoping my boyfriend's mom will make me a fresh soup when I get back to Seoul, because these posts have my mouth watering! Anyways, if you have your own experience of this lovely soup, please do share.