Monday, March 7, 2011

Abundance Featured: Biz & Steve

Another great blog to put up as featured here on ExpatAbundance. These two, Biz and Steve, have been exploring Seoul and Korea for some time now. They've got a great collection of posts to check out and also provide quality photos and commentary.

I decided to make sure the author of the blog I feature had a chance to say something and give themselves a shout out. So the following is what I received from email interactions.

Blog purpose:
The blog started solely to keep family and friends updated on our lives. We needed a quick and easy way to reach a lot of people at once with minimal effort.  It has since morphed into an online scrapbook of sorts, something we can look at in a few years and reminisce. I look back at our earliest entries and marvel at how much has changed in our lives.  I've also noticed a lot of misinformation online regarding expat life in Korea. We do attempt to add our experience to the general hubbub of opinion out there and hopefully people find helpful info on our blog. If we fail in that department, at least our parents can still live vicariously through us.
Survey Says:
1.    How did you find yourself (yourselves) in Korea?  We found ourselves very hot, sweaty and jetlagged:) Actually the decision was made pretty quickly with very little thought involved. I graduated in June and it didn't look like I would be able to find a teaching position in the United States. Korea was advertising pretty aggressively and we both knew people who had taught English in Korea before. I think it took a total of two weeks for us to decide we wanted to go. 
2.     What moment gave you the most culture shock? Our first genuine culture shock moment (which has diminished since being here) was our dorm-room orientation experience. We knew we would not be able to room together, but had no idea we wouldn’t even be allowed in each other’s buildings.
3.     What type of kimbop is your favorite? I don’t like kimbop but Steve is a big fan. He learned the hard way which colors at the local GS25 contained what. He stays away from orange and red (beef and spam) and tries to go for the blue (tuna) or veggie option.
4.     Out of Lotte Mart, Emart, Homeplus and Kim's Club, which one is your favorite? They all have their good qualities so it may have to come down to advertising jingles. E-Mart's is far superior.
5.     Name one thing in your house that is getting the most use (least use). Most use: Ondol heating (since December). Least use: Our Korean-English dictionaries. We're bad expats.
6.     If you could give any piece of advice to future expats what would it be? "Don't Panic" (as made popular by Douglas Adams)
7. Most happiest moment in Korea? Is it wrong to say our first paychecks? Also we had a really great time at the FC Seoul soccer final.

There you have it folks! Honest to goodness stuff for you take home. I suggest checking out their blog and finding your own pieces of treasures on their site. I for one look forward to reading their posts, which by the way are listed as "OurAdventures" in the Expat Life link bar to your left.

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