Thursday, December 1, 2011

Abundance Go's: Noraebang

You can't live here without at least once going to a loud singing room, otherwise known as Noraebang. I don't go as much as other folks, but I've been there when the stories were told of legendary nights spent singing away. Here for you are a selection of tails to capture that Noraebang feeling.

1. F5Waeg: Even for this seasoned resident of Korea one cannot escape the singing room. Check in to hear about some good times.

2. Kiss My Kimchi: Maybe the pleasure of a Noraebang isn't enough, well nowadays you can find "multi-rooms". With video game systems to computers...perhaps the next best thing.

3. Halfie in Seoul: I selected this one because you get a general story of going. Definitely it is a place to let loose and be carefree.

4. WhoMovedMySambal: A post with various pictures so you can get a better idea and some photos of sightseeing.

There are many "rites of passage" when first living in Korea and the Noraebang experience is just one of many. Have any fun tales to share?

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