Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abundance Buzz: Christmas in Korea

For some they go home and share presents in person, but for must of us Christmas is another holiday spent in Korea. It is a good time to meet up with new and old friends and celebrate. Also it can be a great way to observe how Korean people enjoy this time of year. For sure, things like the Christmas tree and lights have taken over this country more and more. Here for you are a selection of Kbloggers who have had good times this holiday season.

1. 유♥웃: Here you can see what Christmas time is like at the charming Lotte World.  You can see she had a lot of fun.

2. CocoinKorea: Like I said, it is a good time to gather with friends. A lot of people host a party at their house and share in good eats. Here she did such a thing and it looked like a lot of fun.

3. Paul Ajosshi: Ever pass by the Paris Baguette and see a table full of cakes? Well those are the famous Christmas Cakes of Korea. Here Paul gives us a cake that is likely far better than the ones sold on the street.

4. ZenKimchi: But maybe you are still curious about the standard Korean Christmas Cakes. Well take a look at last year's fare all lined up.

5. Wonju Wife: A little something here for you to ponder and well laugh at. It is a guest post by Roboseyo and one that will get you thinking about Santa.

Seriously, though the thought of buying a cake specifically for Christmas is not something I recall doing when I was young. However, sometimes they can be so cute, you can't resist! What do you have planned for this special time of the year? I hope you have time off and get to rest before camps come. (I know I will!)