Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Abundance Aid: Ondol Time

One of the first things you learn when moving to Korea is how to heat your house during the winter. For practically everyone this means using the ondol system built into your floor. Somewhere along your wall is a switch that controls the temperature and timing. But not all houses are alike and the same goes with the ondol system. Having lived in 4 different places already, I can tell you I have had 4 different kinds of ondol switches to deal with. Thankfully they all did the same thing, which is heat up your floor. Today I will take you to people's amusement with the ondol and how it has kept their life cozy during Korea's cold season.

1. Bathhouse Ballads: In this amusing post you get to hear how the Korean heating system can often lead your body to getting dried out. Tips are given on how to keep your home from turning into a dry place. Take a look at the post to find out more.

2. Grrl Traveler: Not a blogger linked on this site but I thought it would be useful for those who want to know how to heat themselves in other ways. Like those hand warmer things.

3. On Becoming a Good Korean (Feminist) Wife: This is a great post because it features her pets enjoying the benefits of the ondol. I bet it is paradise for them.

As great as the ondol is, one of the unfortunate aspects is how much your utility bill shoots up. In that case you have to be sometimes selective about your use of the thing, which could leave you freezing one night and burning up the next.

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