Sunday, August 12, 2012

Abundance Pop: "Gangnam Style" or Any City Style

Perhaps this trend of singing a tribute song to a certain section of Seoul is nothing new. Like when "Itaewon Freedom" came out or that song about Apgujeong. But PSY's "Gangnam Style" is definitely this summer's big hit, and is one that invites others to parody. Summer 2012 will be one to remember for hot sunny days, and also hit songs like this one. Let's see what other parodies have cropped up.

1. PSY's Gangnam Style: First a look at the original with all it's fun locations and dance moves.

2. Hongdae Style: If you are going to make a song about famous spots in Seoul, using Hongdae is an obvious choice. During any of these videos it is fun to spot places you have been and familiar scenes.

3. Daegu Style: Having never really spent time in Daegu I can't really say much about this parody. However, it's amazing how far things can spread.

4. MyChonny's English Parody: Now I found this through clicking around youtube and it's funny but also a bit vulgar. So a bit of warning ~

It's fun to see Korean people poke fun at their own culture and I hope to see more creative responses pop up over time. 

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  1. I've been reading and hearing so much about Psy and his Gangnam Style. He is so outrageously cool.