Thursday, July 5, 2012

Abundance Found: 11

Let's take a look at what we can find this fine summer afternoon....

1. Six in Seoul: I'm enjoying reading Kbloggers who live different lives than me here in Korea. For example this is an army family, and I think their immersion into Korea is different from mine. Anyways, many things are shared in common like this post about just zany stuff in Korea that has no real explanation. The title, "Now Quite Right" is perfect!

2. The Compost Cook: I think she just recently left Korea but she has some good posts you can go through. Also I believe she was a student here. Anyways this post is a nice composite one of making kimchi jiggae and visiting some sites. A very fun and visual one to look through.

3. London to Seoul: A funny yet quaint post here about how he had some fish but no chips. A fun pun intended.

4. Dear Korea: Sometimes you need to just laugh off all the cultural insanities you experience here, and what better way with comics? This great artist has been serving up some fun ones lately. This recent one is a reflection on that oh-so-fun MBC video.

As you can see a trip around the Kblogosphere can take you to many places, and treat you to some fun times. I hope it opened up some new blogs for you to visit, in the meantime.


  1. Folks don't comment much, that's just the nature of blogging. But I wanted to say thanks to for putting this abundance of blogs together.

  2. This is quite a lot of fun. This also made me smile. Thanks for being generous enough to put this up.