Friday, May 18, 2012

Abundance Found: Ten

Let's roll the dice again and see what we can find around the Kblogosphere. Today's specialities will range from a surprise post about someone who didn't enjoy the recent elections, to finding ice-cream on their salad and some place to go cool off in the summer. Enjoy!

1. London to Seoul: There are drink vending machines all throughout Korea. Often times it is the same old variety of tea drinks, sports drinks and fruity ones. Then there are choices you just don't know what they are. Here we discover the "pine" drink and what it tastes like in a fun review.

2. Kids Fun in Seoul: A great new blog, I have discovered that is really helpful if you have kids and live in Seoul. However, I don't have kids, but I find most of their posts helpful, anyways. Here is one about pool locations near the Han river. I would imagine this a fun place to take the kiddos on a hot summer day.

3. Long Time Gone: If you have lived in Korea around election season, than you know what a loud ruckus it can be. Campaigners are not shy shouting out their name down the street. Take a look at the post to get a better idea.

4. The Chosun Bimbo: A veteran of life in Korea, who has stumbled upon the strangest food concoctions. It seems to never end as time goes by, and here finding ice-cream in their salad was still a surprise.

Who knows what we will find next time, but this certainly shows you the variety life that can be had in Korea.

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