Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Abundance Aid: Taxi Tips

It really isn't that difficult, but taking a taxi in Seoul or around other parts in Korea can be some what of a challenge the first few times. Even though there is a sticker on the side of the window that says "translation", you know it is quicker to speak it yourself. After you have figured it out taking a taxi around becomes a great option. However, there are times you are left with interesting experiences. Here for you are some stories people have had and also some links to sites that could be of use to others.

1. The View From Over Here: The most fun that I have had in a taxi is the conversations, in English, with the drivers. Usually it is a hacked up conversation that recycles itself on the same themes. Check out her post to get a clearer idea.
2. F5 Waeg: A veteran of life in Korea and certainly one with many stories. Here we hear the tail of his time trying to get to a mart to get beer, during the snowy times of winter. This time the ride included a rant, which can happen. Go see the post for the fun story.

3. Xweing Away in Korea: Who would have guessed that you can utilize a taxi as a way of taking tours around Jeju Island? Well she did just that and you can read about what the day would be like.

4. Jan is Cooking: Just one I found through Google, but definitely gives some great resources on the options one has with transportation in Korea, especially if you need to lug around a lot with you.

5. Seoulistic: Unfortunately, some taxi drivers are not as honest as others. So a guide should be out there to help the traveler not get ripped off while getting around Korea. This post gives you some tips such as, fake you know Korean and look at a map first before you go.

6. CnnGo: Just in case you still don't have a complete guide to riding the taxis in Seoul, here is another one. Who would have guessed there were so many types of taxis here!

I for one find taking a taxi a great convenience here, even when the prices rise. Do you have any fun or not-so-fun taxi stories?


  1. Seoul taxi drivers are hilarious! Once me and some girl friends were going out and when we got in the taxi the driver started playing really, really loud booming club music. It was so funny. For the whole journey people in the street kept looking at our taxi like 'wtf?!'

    1. My best cab experience was the driver who had a small ukulele-like guitar. When we stopped at a light he'd start playing. The song was vaguely familiar and once a recognized it, I sang along. We must have been quite the sight driving along singing Heart of Gold together.

      At the end of the ride I thanked him for the unique experience. He said that whatever you do in life, you should have fun doing it. He got a nice tip for the good song and wise advice!