Thursday, January 19, 2012

Abundance Found: Eight

I thought I would dust off the "Abundance Found" category and get one put up, as it has been a while. So here is another round of random and fun finds on the K-blogosphere that are buried in the past of expat blogs.

1. Bobster's House: Have you ever considered what an beverage from North Korea might taste like? Well step no further as here is a review of such a thing. Quite a funny story and a good read.

2. The Constant Crafter: A great blog featuring the array of crafts one can make and find in Korea. Here we see her going to the Gwangjang Market for craft supplies but also gets a sight of interesting foods. Check it out!

3. Bathhouse Ballads: Have you ever heard of "vacation fashions"? Neither have I, but after reading this post I come to understand a certain phenomena in Korea. Apparently, perms can be discounted over vacation time and students like to take advantage. Definitely a wacky post worth reading. (Along with their hair...nails are also an essential make-over.)

4. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat: Kimbop is practically a staple food in this country. You can get it cheap and when you are really hungry and on your way somewhere, it makes for a quick and easy bite. Every neighborhood has several kimbop places. After a while you tend to learn which one is your favorite. This is true for our students, and in this post we get to hear about how she learned of a good kimbop place.

Anything you read recently on the K-blogosphere that caught your attention? Do share ~


  1. Hi Joy! I'm thrilled to have one of my posts appear on your blog. It was wonderful to meet you at the Thanksgiving dinner. We'll be flying back to the States soon but I'll take with me memories for a lifetime. Take care.

  2. No problem ~ I hope you have a great time going back home and end up missing Korea tons! haha ;)