Saturday, October 15, 2011

Abundance Works: Notes from Students

As a teacher in South Korea getting notes from you students is often fun and charming. Other times just noticing what they wrote or produced on worksheets can also be quite amusing. It's not that their English is poor, rather it is the way their creativity goes. In this new addition of a topic I am calling, "Abundance Works" we take a look at notes or other creative pencil creations from students.

1. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat: In some extra class she was teaching her students sent signals of wanting to go, via handmade signs. The humor is there but the reality is also prevalent.

2. Coco in Busan: Sometimes kids creativity is very amusing and here her students made up a drawing of love.  It points to how even the youngest of children can have feelings for each other.

3. Plate Full of Onions: One of the best day's to get Teacher's notes is on Teacher's Day. Usually they are cute and hand-made. Here she displays some of her treasures from this occasion.

4. The Seoul Patch: You don't always have to see the creative stuff from the youngsters. Here his teenage group went to town on creating apps for an iPhone worksheet. The results were amusing.

As always teaching in Korea brings us lots of happy times and fond memories. These kinds of notes and creative responses help us remember why we are here.

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