Monday, October 31, 2011

Abundance Found: 7

What is lurking out there amongst the Kblogosphere that could be both random and amusing? Let's take another spin around and find out!

1. Bobster's House: Looking for something traditional and that you can eat? Here I found a post about a dish that involves duck and spices. I have had roasted duck in Korea, and found it to be very yummy, but never had duck soup. Check the post out to learn a thing or two.

2. Wet Casements: Maybe it comes with living in an urban setting, but you begin to get use to that walls become places for markings. These markings can be the usual graffiti scrawl, but nowadays they tend to lean in an artistic direction. On this post were some colorful walls that happen to be in Daegu.

3. Elyse Marie: Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself. Here she took herself on a date. If you haven't been to her blog it is full of great photography. This whimsical post will surely brighten your day.

I leave you here with those random finds to ponder over. By the way, if there is a KBlog you read that gets your noodle wet, then please do share!


  1. I'm always fascinated by graffiti in Korea because there tends to be so little of it.

    But little ol' Daegu actually has some nice public art as well.

  2. Thanks for the link, Joy. I think this site is very good resource. Please, continue.

  3. Thanks..I'll do my best to keep it chugging along.