Saturday, June 25, 2011

Abundance Yum!: Home Cooking

Although you can go out and get great food in Korea, both domestic and foreign, most of us cook at home. Either we are making something familiar (western style) or trying other country's recipes, home cooking can be very soothing to the wearied expat.

Today's post of Abundance Yum! will bring you around the Kblogosphere to show you different folks making home cooked meals. Hopefully, this will inspire you to take out your own pots and pans and cook up something delicious in your kitchen.

1. International Cat Lady of Mystery: She claims not to be a cook, in this post, but as you read you can definitely see that she made up a lovely little dinner. It is in the Korean taste and also very helpful if you want to make a particular seaweed soup. Take a look at the post to see a simple yet satisfying meal.

2. A Geek in Korea: When you are living with someone it is common to share the cooking duties. "I cooked last night, so it's your turn." Is what you might here in such a household. Over at "Geek in Korea", he shares the cooking with his wife. In this post you get to hear about their cooking experiences but also their times getting the ingredients. As most of us know, grocery shopping in Korea can be quite grueling.

3. Wonju Wife: Sometimes cooking at home can get really creative, and it happened here in her post about the creation "Junk Spaghetti." Including all the ingredients and directions like, "olive oil to your delight", you can find a fun recipe that will function as both a delicious meal and a way to get rid of extra stuff in your fridge. I highly recommend this read as it is fun and yummy.

4. Paul Ajosshi: A post about home cooking wouldn't be complete without a mention of Paul's good eats. In this post he shares with us a concoction of fried rice, which certainly looks yum-yum!

No matter what, cooking at home is best enjoyed when sharing it with other people. That is why I encourage you to get other folks inside your shoebox-apartment and share some good old wholesome food.

If you have any favorite meals you make at home, please share them with us as I am sure people would love to get some ideas.


  1. hahaha, I'm really *not* a cook - my friend G did all the work. I just took pictures and ate :-) Thanks for linking me though!