Friday, June 10, 2011

Abundance Buzz: Korean Baseball Games

Although I have yet to attend a baseball game in Korea I know for sure that if I went it would be a great time. How do I know? Because over time many Kbloggers have written about their wonderful experiences at a Korean baseball game.

Here for you today are a few Kbloggers who have been to a baseball game in Korea and shared about it on their blog.

1. Coco in Korea: She attended a game last year but it was pretty memorable. She gives a tip on where the best seat should be, so why not go check it out?

2. The Harrington Times: Who knew that you needed specific reasons to go see a baseball game. Well I suppose when you see one in Korea there are particular cultural reasons that make it worthwhile. Here the blogger shares with us some great pointers including, "Experiencing the kind generosity of Koreans with gifts of squid, pigs feet and warm beer -- maybe even a kiss on the cheek!" Take a peek at the post to read more.

3. The Seoul Patch: I knew I couldn't leave him out of this topic. I have seen him talk about good times at sports events in Korea. I believe he knew the magical spot to sit at during the game since his pictures prove what fun he had. Check out the post to see what the experience is like at a Korean baseball game.

4. Seoul Eats: Dan usually blabbers on about food and great restaurants but now and then he has posts about cultural experiences. One line that captures it all is, "The energy at the game is always electric."

So if you are wondering what to do this summer and want to have a good old time, why not head out to a baseball game? Hopefully I too will have my first experience one of these days.

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