Thursday, May 5, 2011

Abundance Yum!: Korean Beer

When visiting another country you not only get to enjoy new food but also different variations of alcohol. Although I personally don't drink as much as my peers do out here, I know that one of the many pleasures they find is tasting different kinds of Korean beer. In this Abundance Yum! post I bring you a list of Kbloggers who have enjoyed or felt at odds with Korean beer.

1. Talking to Myself: A recent post that discusses experiences with Korean beer and a recent tasting of OB Golden Lager. Quote: "It's true, people here love having fun and equally love their booze. Just one thing, the beer is very poor." Check out more of the post to see the opinion piece yourself.  

2. Paul Ajosshi: Although some might find Korean beer to really suck, there are those that find it an essential part of the Korean experience. Here, amongst Paul's "Ten Things" list he makes beer and bbq a number one hit.

3. Biz and Steve: Finding a fun beer apparatus is certainly a bonus when living abroad. Here they found an interesting dispenser for this beverage.

4. Xweing Away in Korea: Another find here of someone encountering an odd size pitcher of beer.

As you can see ones drinking adventures in Korea are never dull, and this is just the tip of it all. Considering that there are plenty of drinking games out there to enjoy at the many bars and hofs here in Korea.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog for a second time. I hope my post doesn't come across as being ultra negative about Korea because I've loved this place for over five years, it's just the the beer (apart from microbrewers) are poor.


  2. No, I think folks can get that the brew isn't always fantastic, but the culture is better...haha