Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Abundance Buzz: Encounters with Buddhism

Today marks another passing of Buddha's birthday here in Korea. A day for celebration and prayer amongst devotees, but also a day off for hard working Koreans and most English teachers. Whether you visit temples during this time or make your way to the Jogyesa temple near Insadong, you cannot escape life in Korea without seeing or experiencing some sort of Buddhist element. The following are a list of some Kbloggers who have taken the time to see Buddhist relics or participate in rituals personally.

1. Kiwi Wonju Blogger: In 2008 he spent some time taking a bike tour around Uljin where he encountered a cave and a famous Buddhist temple. Go over and see what fun places he found while traveling on a bike.

2. Coco Busan: In a post title, "Tiny Monks, Big Temple" you get a nice snapshot of the Yonggungsa Temple which has a view of the sea. For those living up here in Seoul it gives you a look of the great treasures to be found, down near Busan. Check the post out for more details.

3. Tigers and Magpies: A blog I just only discovered today, but with a plethora of temple visits. Here I chose to show you one he took to the Tongdosa Temple. In this post he shows us great temple shots and also some history. It come's highly recommended so why not go check out the post and find out for yourself.

4. Onion has a what?: Another new blog I just discovered and one that offers not just perspectives on teaching but also her ventures into Korean culture. In this featured post she talks about a temple stay and things you do while there. It definitely is honest and also a great look at this unique tourist aspect in Korea.

Whether or not you care for Buddhism seeing the relics and culture, that is here in Korea, certainly allows for one to get a broader sense of world religion. I highly recommend you check out the above posts and then end up going to a temple yourself and seeing it all in person.

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