Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Abundance Buzz: Christmas in Korea

About two more weeks and Christmas will come to Korea. In the span of time I have lived here I have found Korea to become more festive when it comes to Christmas. More decorations line streets and stores sell fake Christmas trees and such. It seems this non-Korean holiday is taking hold here. So let's see how other's have experienced it in Korea.

1. F5 Waeg: My biggest gripe is the issue with Christmas trees here. You can't get them real like back home. But would you want to? Korean people live in quite small spaces. However why not just get a small one? He did just that in this post.

2. Whatawaygook: If you are accustomed to spending holiday season with family then living far from home is a tough one. It's not just homesickness but also being a part of the holiday magic with family. However you do what you can to survive and make life in Korea like back home. In this post we see someone do that and reminiscence on Christmas' past.

3. Alien's Day Out: One really good way to get in the holiday spirit is to start cooking. Making cookies or familiar holiday dishes bring out the season at home. Here we get to see her lovely vegan holiday dishes that look scrumptious.

4. Ever Evolving Primate: A fun post about a general Christmas experience here when you are out and about.

I hope your holiday's are filled with cheer and warmth. Merry Christmas!

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