Sunday, October 14, 2012

Abundance Yum!: Sushi in Korea

Although we all love Korean food sometimes we crave something else. Perhaps having something close to Korean but different is a good idea. So how about sushi? For me I prefer the sushi I can have in California like an avocado salmon roll. Out here they do sushi a little bit differently, and I have yet to find a place that satisfies my taste for rolled up rice and seafood. However, other folks have enjoyed this cuisine out here, so let's take a look.

1. Elwood: Sushi and sashimi are basics here and in this post you can get a simple introduction to how it is done in Korea.

2. Lee's Korea Blog: If you do find yourself in a Japanese restaurant in Korea you will notice that it isn't some hole-in-the-wall, but usually are somewhat fancy. Here the family tries out some sushi and other fish dishes at this place near Seoul National University.

3. A Search for Happiness: In my experience with eating fusionized Japanese food it has been at company meals with schools. In this case this blogger experienced just that. How about this seaweed sushi-cone?

4. Ever Evolving Primate: Maybe kimbop is sushi and maybe it is just kimbop! Whatever your opinion on it is this is Korea's version and it's cheap and easily accesible.

5. Seoul Eats: Now I think making sushi would be quite easy, considering the ingredients are really simple. So why not take a class on how to make it? Here is what happened at the O'ngo Food kitchen.

I hope that got you hungry for something slightly different than straight Korean food, and maybe you will go out and support your local Japanese sushi place. Otherwise have a good day!

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  1. i think i just might give a japanese restaurant a shot...i miss my california rolls, but i gut kimbop is somewhat similar :)