Thursday, September 13, 2012

Culture Cookies: Chuseok

In less than 30 days the Korean lunar holiday of Chuseok will be upon us. For me that means my birthday but also a five day weekend! Korean people will likely be heading to their family grave site or doing something with close relatives. It's a time when Seoul empties out and the highways of Korea become clogged. Today I'll present some bloggers who have had their own experience of Chuseok or just something to say.

1. London to Seoul: A nice post about her experience of having Chuseok traditions at work. Students wore their lovely hanboks and it made for great pictures.

2.The Harrington Times: For foreigners one of the best things about Chuseok is getting a Fall mini-vacation. People take the opportunity to stretch their legs and travel. These guys did just that and went on a mini-vacation.

3. On Becoming a Good (Feminist) Korean Wife: If you really want to know what the experience is like of visiting family and doing the rituals, then read this post to catch up.

4. Buhay sa Korea: Chuseok is a major gift giving holiday and the stores will be abundant with large gift sets. This is great for if you want to stock up on lots of cans of spam. However, if you plan on visiting Korean relatives or in-laws it is a good idea to think about how much you would spend.

Chuseok also signals the start of Fall and the Winter to come. I hope everyone has a lovely Chuseok this year!

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