Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Abundance Found: Fivvee

It's another go around the Korean blogosphere. What crazy and wacky stuff will we find this time on Abundance Found? Let's see...

In this post they talk about this recent siting on a bus, that is questionably offensive. Certainly the imagery is eye catching but the after thought is a bit disturbing. Will Korean people equate this person with all westerners? Is that something really to worry about?

 I got to this post by clicking on the category "bird watching" on their blog. Certainly, you might be surprised to know that you can do some kind of animal watching in this country that is rolled over with cement. These guys write well on traveling and also just the nuances in Korea, like the wildlife. Check out the post for more details and lovely pictures.

3. SoKo:
Since this blogger only posted a picture and no words I am just giving you a hint of what you will see when you click on the blog's name. Hint: It's very shiny.

It's a part of life here, that is seeing in the distance the glowing neon of love hotels. My first place I lived at was very close to these and I enjoyed watching in the morning couples leaving and going their separate ways. Check the post for a fun opinion on the site of such "motels".

Another Abundance Found comes to a wrap...I wonder what we will discover next time?

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