Monday, April 4, 2011

Abundance Buzz: Konglish

Konglish! Korean + English = Konglish. It can happen on towels (as seen above in Seoul Patch's collection), on pencil cases and even out of Korean's mouths. For the most part it is highly amusing towards us expats, but at times also a little disturbing. The following are a small collection of bloggers who have written about their encounters with Konglish, be it either good or bad.

  • "I Am Saja's Mom": Seems to find Konglish a fun way to add to her wardrobe. She usually posts for us fun Konglish-fashion finds that she recently purchased. Check out a current one on this post.
  • "Jane's Daily Blah": Can you get philosophical about Konglish? Well in this post, Jane tries to do just that with the great puzzle that is Konglish and why it exists.
  • "Paul Ajosshi": Usually has a Konglish showing up monthly on his blog. They often show the bizarre and uncanny side to this phenomenon. In a recent one I think his mind started to wander.
  • "Kiss My Kimchi": Took a spin on things and made a contest out of it. You can check it out here.
Personally, I just find Konglish really amusing and I too want to purchase a shirt that totally annihilated what it meant to say. What I find most of all crazy is seeing people wearing shirts with obvious scrambled English, but they are oblivious to it. I suppose it is similar to people in America wearing clothes with Chinese characters on it and not really knowing the meaning.  Anyways, if you have any takes on Konglish...do share.

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